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I’m Sanjota Purohit, Native Indian currently staying in the United States.

I wrote my novel “Sanjeevini” in Kannada language (One of the Indian Language) in 2018. It is a romantic love story where a Boy and Girl love deeply without seeing is each other, Sanjeevini is special to me because it is my own story! Yes, I penned down my love story and published it.

I wrote my novel when I was deputed to UK for a project. By that time I was married & was missing my Husband a lot. Loneliness mae me to sit down with a pen and paper.

Initially, I published Sanjeevini on an online platform where almost 70k people read my novel. Every week I used to upload single chapter which made readers curious and they started showing their love towards the story.

Later, one of the publisher contacted me and then we published the book. I’m happy that my love story has been read by thousands of people.

Now I’m drafting my second novel and hoping to complete it by the end of this year.

Coming to my profession, I work as a software Engineer. Along with work life I gave time to passion and that’s how my Blog Hackytips came to existence.

Hackytips is a Lifestyle Blog where I write about my travel stories, Book reviews, Blogging Tips, shows I watch, Health & Fitness, and many other things.

Hackytips gives me space to speak my heart out. I can write almost anything and my audience love to read my articles. As of today Hackytips has 298K Alexa rank and I work hard to reach good metrics.

I believe knowledge Is the power. Knowledge can move mountains and give strength, wisdom & confidence in life. Hence I read lot of books. Reading inspires me to write more and helps to learn from others experience.




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