We are super excited about this year’s, Women Are Roses Ceremony.

Women Are Roses Award Ceremony

Our Women Are Roses Ceremony is a gala to award ladies of all walks of life that have used 2018 to inspire others.  Women With Gifts has a goal of helping women in need and shining a spotlight on women who are doing amazing things in their community. Each month on our website, we feature those women that are going above and beyond to be more than just the average woman. Some of our Women Are Roses award recipients are survivors of domestic violence, sexual abuse, breast cancer, mental illness and some are even caregivers and authors. This year with our Women Are Roses Award Ceremony, we are honoring those women that haven’t stopped being an inspiration to others and have continued to strive towards success. Join us as we celebrate women and celebrate a night of excellence.

Please note the following: This event is for adults only| Anyone attending the event will need a purchased ticket for entry| There are no refunds unless the event is canceled for unforeseen reasons. | Dress Attire: Formal

We would love for you to join us.. Make plans now to be a part of something amazing! Our ticket sales are non-refundable because they are apart of our fundraising efforts.  Click here to purchase your tickets NOW!

A major thanks to BlackFaves and My Every Challenge for sharing this event on their website!

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