Alexandra is from Toronto, ON. She grew up with a lot of challenges in her early life which she always turned into wisdom and believed in bettering herself and her life.
Thankfully, she didn’t fall into victimhood since her mom was a shining light in her life and showed her how we have the strength to learn from our situations, turn them around and make our lives AMAZING.

With this wisdom, Alexandra has always been the shoulder to learn on, helping and giving others advice so much so that she knew this was her purpose in life; to show others what to learn from their previous experiences, heal those parts of themselves and make their lives into something they have always imagined.

Alexandra works with a variety of people, helping motivate, inspire, keep accountable and be the shining light where they feel like they may have lost it.
She works with people who find themselves in toxic relationships, have mundane jobs and want to be doing something that they love but aren’t sure how, feel unfulfilled or “boring” with their lives.
She works with clients one on one getting them to see their old toxic habits, behaviors or beliefs and gets people to focus on what they want, how to achieve it and keeps them accountable to start imputing a proper belief or habit that will propel them in their lives.

It all starts with you and how much of a change you want. Most people truly do want a change, but we need to be kept accountable for the change to happen since we all fall back to our old ways. Change takes time, the brain resists it very much and we all need support when we are going through a shift where we want to start living our lives differently.

Alexandra also posts a lot of free content to help her audience understand that living a life you desire is truly possible, but it does take a different level of thinking to get there.

Youtube: www.

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