We are honored to share to recent book release of our founder our organization, LaNette.

only me

LaNette is a Christian business woman who believes in leadership development, education and helping women become self-sufficient. LaNette strongly believes that change starts with one person… Her motto is she is “changing the world one person at a time.”

Recently she wrote and published a book called Words of Inspiration: 100 Days of Words to share a glimpse of her life with others. Below is a brief description of Words of Inspiration and the book is currently available for purchase on Amazon.

This book started out as just WORDs, then sentences formed, then paragraphs formed and just like magic a book appeared. Truth is, your life was destined to be a book from day one. Most of us have a story to tell, but most of us tell our stories with pictures and emojis. Why? Because pictures and emojis are easier than regular communication. Pictures are easier than WORDS. Most people use pictures to communicate because it allows people to speculate instead of knowing the absolute truth.

Words of Inspiration is a book dedicated to anyone who has ever used their words in a positive manner to inspire others, this book picks up where you left off.

This is a book that tells the story of a little girl, youngest in her household who mimics her brother with a speech impediment for her mom’s attention. When that didn’t work, she attempted to become everyone in the family just to get some type of attention from her parents. It wasn’t until her adulthood that the author realized that she could no longer attempt to live by the identities of her siblings in order to get attention from her family. She realized as an adult that she needed to grow to love her own identity in order to inspire others.

This book was written by little girl who have always wanted to write a book but allowed her learning disability, short-term memory loss and pure fear stop her. After being raped, molested and manipulated, this girl changed into a woman who now uses her writing to not only bring her out of a point of depression, but to also INSPIRE others.

Realizing that anything that happens in life whether good or bad are just WORDS. This book is dedicated to anyone who felt that they couldn’t put their pen to paper and allow their words to flow.

While reading Words of Inspiration: 100 Days of Words, there are moments where you will cry, there are moments you will laugh, but after reading the whole book you will DEMAND better of yourself and find your destiny!

Words of Inspiration

Order your copy NOW on AMAZON!

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