Book Review| Poetic Secrets by
Harmeet Kaur Bharya

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Before we give you all a full review of Harmeet’s Poetic Secrets, we wanted to share a bit of history about the author. Recently we featured the author on our website and here’s some of the information we shared.

Author’s Bio 

I was born and raised in the London Borough of Redbridge where I lived with my parents and sister.

I completed my degree in BS Computer Science during a challenging time when my father passed on. I went on to become a Junior Web Developer at the University of Hertfordshire where I graduated. The author stated that she had been writing poetry since age sixteen.

In reading Poetic Secrets, it only took about one day to read and get a full meaning out of the book. If you can’t tell by the title, the whole book is comprised of different types of poems. If we can be honest for a moment, when we received Poetic Secrets to review, we never considered that Poetic Secrets would be a book of treasured poems, we assumed that the was the name of the book only. At the start of the book, the poems were kind of dark, gloomy and sad but towards the middle of the book the poems are more upbeat and happier. This book was super easy to read either with a cup of tea or pop it out at the grocery store or while working. Reading the poems one after another was actually really inspiring.

One of our favorite poems in the book is “A Better Me” on page 45 and it reads a follows:

Take a look at me now; I filled my empty space,
Leaving behind the days my heart would race.
Found a new meaning to my lonely name,
Fought through the sorrow and the pain.
Showing my shuddering shadows to the door.
Entertaining no space for this agony no more.
Life is now only beautiful and sweet,
Only tastes of kindness I shall greet
With every leap of faith I take,
A soul-lifting impact it does make.

Of course, we’ve read a lot of books, one thing that stood out to us in this book is  how the author started out on the first page by writing:

This poetry collection I share with you in loving memory of my father, Nirmal Singh Thethi, who before he passed on said, ‘You should get your poetry published one day’

I’m here, with Poetic Secrets pouring our of my heart; to touch the depths of hearts that cannot be seen, but only felt. 

This book is available on Amazon, which provided the following description about Poetic Secrets:

Poetic Secrets is a collection of poems exploring a variety of personal life experiences. Feelings of happy and sad run throughout the compilation; some poems express heartbreak and true love; the true nature of anxiety and depression; the torture of infertility and loss; racism; bullying and cultural truths. Although exploring dark times, a section is dedicated to overcoming this with self-healing techniques, happiness and positivity.

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