Claire is an accident prone, tattooed, work at home mum of 5 from Cardiff,  CEO of web design company ‘Cardiff Web Services’ and Money Saving Blogger at Daily Deals UK.  Daily Deals UK is a Money Saving Blog with a twist! In addition to our blog packed with amazing tips & guides to help you save money the website hosts a plethora of Voucher Codes, Sale Info, Deals, Freebies and Retail Glitches.
My experience of being a woman in business (and many other women in my industry) is the fact that we don’t just get to go to work – or in my case work from home and come home to everything done for us.
We’re still expected to arrange the childcare, ensure the bills are paid, do the food shops, have time off for school events or if the children are ever sick. I often find myself on the go from 6am until 10pm with all my breaks taken up by looking after everyone else.
A lot of people will argue that this is the best part of working from home, and sometimes it can be a perk but for me, this is often what I find hardest about being a mumtrepenuer!
I have 5 children, two of which are two year old twins (which is a full time job in itself) so going out to work was never really an option for me, particularly with the rising costs of childcare.  Taking the step to work from home was really the only way I could juggle everything – and boy am I glad I did it.  I absolutely love being my own boss and can honestly say blogging and helping people save money gives me great satisfaction.
There’s nothing more rewarding than being able to be a full time business woman, mum of 5, cleaner, chef, taxi and wife all at the same time. It really does give you a massive sense of self achievement and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

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