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On November 18,2018, we had the honor of featuring Holly Bird on our website and at that time, this is Holly described herself:

My name is Holly Bird, and I started my blog to share the multi-
generational life that we live. I bought a home with my daughter who has
a 5 year old Autistic son that I am the primary caregiver to, and we
also have my parents who are living in Arizona, they are divorced  and I
am trying to build on a suite for my Dad, so we have 4 generations,
who spend every day together, traveling, cooking, gardening, and even
doctors’ appointments.

Shaken Dreams

At the time that we featured Holly although we knew of the upcoming book, Shaken Dreams: A Journey From Wife to Caregiver but we didn’t know all the details about the book. Since the release of the Holly’s book on Amazon, we wanted to learn more about her and the new book that she had written.

Recently on our new Periscope TV Channel, we hosted a live interview with Holly to get all of the details about her new project, Shaken Dreams: A Journey From Wife to Caregiver. To watch our LIVE interview please click on the details below:

Exclusive Interview w/Holly J. Bird Author of Shaken Dreams

 Here’s some of the questions that we asked Holly either before, during or after the interview:

WWG: “Holly, what inspired you to write the book, Shaken Dreams?”

Holly: “I had a story that was hard to live, and I knew so many others take on the role of caregiver for a loved one, I wanted to share and help others so that they might learn from my triumphs and my mistakes.”

WWG: “What is your life like now since the death of your husband and the release of your book, how has your writing or blog changed?”

Holly: “My life has changed, not only did I lose my husband but the relationship I had with 2 of my stepchildren has also been lost. I did not have my blog before my husband passed, but since the book has been released, I am focusing more on helping others, I love the friends and people who write for help, and I do not want to be known as the blog that only talks about her book!”

WWG: “Tell us how you and your husband met.”

Holly: “My husband and I met on Match.com.” {Watch the video on more details about this question.}

WWG: “What issues have you experienced since writing the book?”

Holly: “Family problems, wanting to know why I did not ask for help, why I wrote the book, was I trying to “make my husband look bad, he is dead” Financially things are really hard, losing income is never easy.”

WWG: “What do you want readers to take away from your book?”

Holly: “Even if the reader is not going through a similar situation, compassion, look at others in your life, have they changed, could it be an illness, is there something you can do to help. No matter how young or old you may by. Things change, if you have an illness this book can give you an idea of what your caregiver may be struggling with! Take care of yourself love not only others in your life but love yourself. Most of all, if you are not feeling well take someone with you to your doctor’s appointments and ask questions, the guidelines in the book will help you!”

This was our first LIVE interview via Periscope and it was also Holly’s first interview but it was amazing being able to interview the author of Shaken Dreams and also hold a copy of her book in our hands. Please take a moment to watch our LIVE interview and connect with Holly via the information below:


Facebook {Love Your Angels}

Facebook {Holly’s Bird Nest}



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