Firstly let me introduce myself: I am Ruby, CEO and co-founder of WUKA period pants. We are the only period underwear that completely replaces tampons and pads. 

WUKA stands for Wake Up Kick Ass and, just like the name, we are on a mission to smash taboos while creating the most comfortable and eco-friendly period pants. You can find more about WUKA here:
I grew up in Nepal with lots of taboos and embarrassment around periods. I am sure you have heard the story of Banished for Bleeding. Recently mom and two son died while the mother was send to the menstrual hut. This is something I did go through when I was in Nepal. I am an immigrant, BAME and probably among very few Nepalese women who run a business in western countries especially in a area where it rarely spoken of.
Growing up in Nepal menstrual products constantly failed which meant that most of the girls, like me, missed a lot of our school days. Coming to the UK, I was surprised to see the choices – but non of them were comfortable or eco-friendly, hence I created WUKA.
We have been in the market for only a year and have already received two amazing awards: one is Innovation Entrepreneur 2018 and the other is Best New Business award  for businesses with a female founder. In less than one year of selling WUKA, we have already stopped more than 1.3 million tons of disposable tampons and pads from going to landfill.
My main with WUKA is to smash taboos around period while creating the most comfortable and eco-friendly period pants.

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