How ironic that this blog about what female inspires us would be shared on International Women’s Day. In sharing this blog would like to personally thank Gratisoul for allowing us the opportunity to share our feelings in their recent blog series. Here’s the question that we were asked during the blog series:

What FEMALE inspires us and why?

We are not inspired by just one woman as we are inspired by many. When we think of a woman who makes leaps and bounds, we could easily think of Oprah or Ellen DeGeneres because they are known to make people smile and they are well-known philanthropists. However, when we think of inspiration we want to think of inspiration as something that is long-term and not a quick fix that last about as long as a television episode.

To change the question up a bit we want to ask WHAT inspires us instead of who? Because who doesn’t last forever but an object does. When we think of what inspires us, we are inspired by people and peace and by people who make good decisions not just for themselves but for generations who come after them. We are inspired by women helping other women. There’s a rumor that continues that says women can’t get along or women hate each other, which we believe to be untrue.

If we may introduce ourselves for a minute, the name of our organization is called Women With Gifts International. Our organization originally started as a blog attempting to motivate women to do better not only for themselves but for their children. The mission behind our blog was to write to inspire. Then we started something as simple as a breast cancer, domestic violence and sexual abuse awareness initiative and that sparked something inside of us to do more. We essentially turned what we considered as a blog into a mission and our mission turned into purpose. Now our true purpose is to share what SISTERHOOD really looks like.

Sisterhood looks like helping someone when their down and when they get up, they in turn continue to help others. Our motto is, “we are changing the world one woman at a time.” We are inspired by women helping other women! What we’ve learned in building our sisterhood-type community is sometimes women treat other women mean because it’s what they have been taught. If they have been taught the “mean-girl” or the “I’m better than you” type way of life then that’s the world and community that they create. However, the more WE and more women like us create a sisterhood that shows love and honor, then that’s the environment WE create. Love conquers all!

What really inspires us?

Recently we have been inspired by  Nancy, who creates their everyday challenges and shares with others how to overcome them. We are also inspired by Holly Bird who recently wrote a book and shared with others how to write their story as well. We are also inspired by the poems that Terry writes while she is the caregiver to her adult daughter who has an illness. We are also inspired by Jennifer who advocates for her son, who has Dyrk1a.

We are also inspired by all of the ladies who have taken a chance to tell their stories of their downfalls and continue to strive to be their best. Believe it or not, you all have inspired us to the fullest. We love each and every one of you! We are not in love with you because of your skin tone or because of your looks, we are inspired by you because of your stories. It’s our stories of inspiration and survivorship that connects us all!

Womanhood Rocks!

Sisterhood Rocks!



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