The Unnecessary Needs of Your Life

What we need in life are the basic things like food, shelter, and clothing and life become more beautiful when we have everything that we need. When we have everything that we need, are we really happy with that? In the pursuit of happiness, why we start expecting a lot from life and end up disappointed? Let’s dig in.

Let’s consider a practical scenario of your life, you have a balanced life. You have everything that shows you are living an ideal life and then suddenly you start comparing your life with someone else. She/he might be your neighbor, might be your friend, and might be your colleague in the office. You start comparing things like, “he/she has a nice car”, “she/he has a big house” and many more. This is how you get trapped in that “lavish life” you want and you start working hard to get those things by compromising a lot in your existing happy life. You compromise with your precious time & your efforts to get it, but have you ever questioned yourself “Do I really need those things in my life”?

I am not saying we should stop dreaming of that “lavish life”, everyone deserves that life but my concern is, should we compromise with our existing happy life? Well, the answer is “NO” at least for me. We should dream big and work hard for it but make sure, in the pursuit of that life we should not mess with our happy satisfied life. Time is really a precious thing we are blessed with, so use it wisely.

Most of the time we start running behind the things that are not necessary and unnecessarily we spend lots of our precious time, money, and efforts on that. Needs are never-ending.  When you get one thing, our mind demand for another and this chain continues, so you should know when to stop because life is not all about materialistic possessions.

You should dream big but not at the cost of happiness you already have!

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