Marian K is a personal stylist, senior editor of ITS Fashion magazine, blogger who helps people find their best fashion and beauty self through her blog, Instagram and styling.  The consultant who was born in The Gambia, West Africa and is of Ghanaian heritage. The Gambia is a small country but so vibrant in color and texture. Otherwise known as the smiling coast. She doesn’t remember so much of it as a child as she came to the UK as an infant but returned to West Africa for secondary school. Her love for color is inherent due to the vibrant color of her heritage and the way she wears her headpieces is a nod to her culture. Her mother’s love for accessories and scouring thrift markets and stores has informed Marian’s style, which is a mix of high fashion and vintage.

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Growing up she was fascinated by fashion, design and luxury and would scour magazines to feed her appetite for the beautiful. Often, she saved all her school lunch money to buy imported magazines from the West. Even at that age she was fascinated by clothing and noticed beautiful accessories, like a well-made shoe or a decadent luxury handbag. She enjoyed to sew things by hand and customize clothing.

As a child she got to see a few African countries and this led to a love of travel. The ability to see new places has always brought her inspiration. Another source of inspiration is people watching where Marian derives a lot of her styling ideas.  She is fascinated by the way people wear their clothes and not the labels. What is most interesting to is when people wear their cultural clothes with garments from the west. A great example of my style is a sari worn with jeans.

At 21 she returned to the UK and attended fashion college but soon found that this was not for her. Instead she moved to London and soon began to write for now defunct online French fashion magazine Dirty Glam which had the likes of Sienna Miller on its cover. Marian soon became the British Editor of the magazine.

Working for this magazine meant not only arranging editorial shoots but also interviewing talent across music, fashion and TV. Marian had been styling clients for the red carpet but working with this magazine meant she was able to work with further people.

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While doing this she worked as a consultant to brands.

She went on to work with Glossy magazine, a digital online fashion magazine and styled the likes of Zara Martin and Bip Ling for it. She became a contributing online editor for print fashion magazine, Push It Magazine.

The editorial work led to being photographed both in London and New York and the New Post heralded her best dressed at show during one of the seasons, in a list that included Anna Wintour. She particularly loved the shows in New York where the energy is abuzz with excitement during fashion week.

Marian Kihogo was an award winning eponymously named blog that was written by Marian. With segments on fashion, beauty, culture, events etc. it became very popular. Due to the success of this site, it opened up many opportunities such as collaborating with the likes of Marc Jacobs Fragrance, St Martins Lane Hotel where she held an anniversary blog dinner, Dolce & Gabbana, Veet, Scholl, Marc Cain, vitamin water etc.

. In terms of personal style, she is known for her signature headwraps, layering, and bold color which she says is her way of carrying her heritage where ever she goes.

She has been called a style inspiration but to her the real style icons are those who are fearless in their approach to dress and such people include Genevieve Jones, Donyale Luna, Grace Jones, Françoise Hardy, Catherine Deneveuve etc.

A few years ago, Marian fell ill and had to take a sabbatical from work and her award-winning blog but thankfully she is blogging again on a site called Marian K and focuses simply on what inspires her. Working as a stylist, her aim is to make clients the best they can be fashion and beauty wise.

Twitter|Instagram are @marian_kwei 

My blog link is also below

Marian K


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