My name is Dayma, I am a mommy and a wifey as well, who uses her time very wisely alternating between housework, mom and wife duties, furmom duties, and now as a blogger. My passion for creating this blog that is for women overall, started when I hit a very bad slump and time in my life where my anxiety and depression took over my sunny and happy days. I lost all self purpose and any self love I had established, I became a very sad version of myself, and nothing seemed to help. One day I decided to start a journal, where I would encompass all my feeling and emotions, and somehow this was a remedy for my depression. I have always loved to write, since I was a little girl, but over the years and responsibilities, I put that to the side not knowing that one day that would be more powerful than any pill and potion in dealing with my severe depression. Overcoming that and becoming a better version of my self, and constantly working and seeing me grow, inspired me to help other women do the same. We are constantly being bombarded with how women should be and how many things they should be able to do, but no one ever talks about the darker side of things, when that woman doesn’t have anyone to pick her up, that’s where I come in. Hoping to motivate as many women as my blog can touch to become the best version of themselves possible, and help them to achieve all their dreams and aspirations!
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