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My name is Millie and My significant other’s name is Jack and I have never been treated, outside my family, with so much care and love than he gives to me. In fact, he is part of my family.

I am 18 years old, and he just turned 19, so we grew up in the same year throughout secondary school and into sixth form – although it wasn’t until I was 17 that we ever properly had a conversation and got to know each other. It was weird, we spoke, I told him about one of the most awful things that were happening in my life – and he listened. Being absolutely no surprise, our first date was a cinema trip to see Spiderman Homecoming, and after we left he asked if he could meet my mum.

I was shocked that he even wanted to see her, and that was the first time I saw how much he could care for me and my family and now my mum and Jack have such a great relationship.

Although, like any relationship, it is never only sunny days and after we spend way too much time together, we find ourselves getting on each other’s nerves.

He can be messy, lazy and remembers nothing.

I can be strict, annoying and selfish.

But he won’t think otherwise when I ask him to help me make my bed; he will jump up and go get me a glass of water before I’ve even asked him, and he does remember things that are important.

Jack is incredibly annoying and I wish he went to the gym and ate a better diet. But I wouldn’t swap him for the world. Sure, he wouldn’t watch Gossip Girl with me nor the Man in the High Castle. But the time we spend watching The Office together is hilarious.

You win some, you lose them. As long as those wins are the things that really mean something, then I’m always going to win with Jack.

My Bio:

I am an aspiring lifestyle blogger, who is experimenting with writing about health and fitness, wellbeing, travel and more.
If you are interested in learning more about what you can do to decrease stress, better your health or read about where I have travelled – then check out my links below!

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