Weird Tees

My name is Lauren, I’ve been known to most people in my life as Lor. I grew up in a tiny beach town in very southern New Jersey, just outside Cape May. I grew up living like your classic beach bum, hitting the waves before school and spending every second in the sun I possibly could. While sitting on the beach by myself, I’d often be sketching. I’d be lost in the world of crashing waves mixed with my focus being latched on to what I was drawing. The subject of my art was usually be odd pictures I came up with on the spot. As much as I wished I was a scenic artist, it just wasn’t my style. Then one day I was sitting on the beach, with my art, and I ran into the owner of the tattoo shop where my father got all of his tattoos, and he had even done one of mine. He peaked at my art and asked If I wanted to design a shirt for him, since they needed something new but nobody was coming up with anything he wanted on his merch. Of course, I agreed, and that is the one simple moment that started my tee shirt designing. I had been doing this for a few years, and was working with the very few shops in my tiny town, when I decided to move. I still worked with them, designing the tees but decided to expand my horizons. I moved to Virginia Beach, and got a job with a tee shirt printing company so I could better understand that side of the business. Through that job, I got in touch with more tattoo shops wanting to buy my designs for their shirts as well. I learned so much there, but ultimately, I wasn’t happy with the people I worked with. So, I decided to take the leap and quit that job, and start my own company, while continuing to rely on my side gigs, of shop tees & freelance makeup artist until my company took off. Right now, Some Weird Tees is growing slowly. I absolutely love all of the people I’ve met on this path, and am very excited to see where it takes me.

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