Lellalee was created for all my fellow mothers, wives, historians, writers, and explorers around the world. I’m Ashley, a 34-year-old mother and wife. I live in Manchester, UK.

I began my adult life in 2001 at the age of 17, as a single teenage Mum. I decided to attend college and eventually went to University. After over a decade of study as well as working, I finally reached my goal. I am now a qualified medieval historian having completed my PhD in 2016. I specialize in gender studies and the Crusades.

I’m now a University lecturer, free-lance writer and since 2017, a blogger. I own and create all the content for Lellalee, my blog and my labor of love. Life is a beautiful journey and I intend to enjoy and record every moment of it!

Lellalee covers a range of topics, from parenting to interiors, history to health and fitness tips. I recently embarked on a weight loss program and I have been sharing my progress along with fitness tips with my readers. My family own a furniture business and so interiors is something I have a first-hand knowledge of. I have an interiors category which covers lots of styling tips and trending designs for the home.

Ashley FirthMy true passion is family – I have 2 daughters and I enjoy documenting all our moments together and sharing our adventures with others. Our annual family road trips give me lots to discuss on my blog. I discuss all aspects of parenting and try to encourage important discussion with other women. I have covered a range of topics, including breastfeeding and coping strategies for parents when their children start school.

One of my hobbies is paranormal investigating. I try to indulge in this passion as often as I can. A corner of my blog is devoted to this odd hobby of mine.

Of course, I cannot resist sharing a few historical facts along the way too!


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