Today we are sharing the Random by LaNette the founder of Women With Gifts

What makes me different from any other women?

This was a question that I rallied up this question to ask other women because I was curious to find out if anyone else wondered the same thing about other women. Weird? Maybe. My goal was to find out what other women thought of themselves both physically and mentally. By nature, we as women are strong by nature and we are also nurturers, but who nurtures us we we’ve been beaten and abused? That’s the mystery that really haven’t been solved yet.

Based on what I’ve experienced in my life I can only hope that I’m the only woman to experience my life experiences with both domestic violence and sexual abuse, but sadly I know a lot of other women have had my life experiences and struggles.

First of all, before I even learned about my body or sex, I was a victim of molestation by a relative. When I tried to wrap my mind around what had happened to me and bury every etched memory out of my brain, I was raped by my first boyfriend. Sadly, I stayed with him and endured more abuse because I didn’t really know any better. Being abused for me was a learned behavior. I had seen my mom and aunts hit and beat so I really thought that getting hit was natural. It was my norm. I grew up thinking that if a man didn’t hit me or curse me out, he didn’t love me. How does this make me different if  just like any other woman, I have suffered abuse, both sexual and domestic?

I’m the same as any other women who has been victimized by domestic violence and sexual abuse, but what makes me different  because now I am a survivor and I use my platform to help others who have walked my walk and lived in my shoes.

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