Presenting … My wonderful fiance

Love story part 5


He loves me, cares for me, motivates me, reprimands me…. (husbands are supposed to do this…isn’t it?)

What makes him different? (You cannot like someone all the time, nor have a dislike to some of his traits.)

His enthusiasm to see that I progress, rise higher every day, is what I like the most in him. WE, are together in this beautiful relationship for the past 13 years. (Our anniversary was on 22nd Jan), quite a long time to understand your partner, practically every aspect. We are blessed with a beautiful, bubbly daughter S.

My husband has been very loving, co-operating and motivating at all times. What I admire is his ability to handle difficult situations with great ease. He is a perfectionist to the core and many a time this gets a little irritating. Be it cooking or dressing up… it has to be perfect.

S’s academics matters a lot. He has always been a doting father. Most decisions regarding her books, her sport activities, her dance classes, Mental Math Classes, Drums classes, Swimming sessions, Skating, Foot-Ball……. are his efforts. (Fathers are so great…. Isn’t it? I admire him for this quality.)

I have always felt safe and secure with him. Or am I pampered too much? (I need to think now!!!!) His little world is only my daughter and me, other than his job and church.

Husbands usually feel insecure in the presence of their in-laws. (Indian husbands feel all the more uncomfortable and insecure) But with him it is different. He is very comfortable and humorous with my mom. Even if I forget to call mom, he will remind me to do so. Whenever she is unwell, he will insist me to bring her to my home and stay with us. (Mom is a typical Indian mom who will not stay at daughter’s home). But with my husband she cannot refuse to stay.

His humorous nature has no limits. He will tease S very much. Dance with her, mimic her. S on her part will get so angry and she will chase him the entire house, to pinch him or punch him. I thoroughly enjoy these sessions. It’s very entertaining.

His dedication and unconditional love for us is Gods blessing. The pride that he holds for me as his wife humbles me. He loves to celebrate every small success. ‘My friends and relatives appreciate him, I feel so thankful to God.

Honestly, I see another version of my dad in him. He has always been very supportive of whatever activities I have taken up… be it Aerobics or Zumba or Taking up Digital Marketing …. He has never said no. Even post marriage I have always enjoyed the same freedom as before as a spinster.


THIS WHAT I LIKE MOST … ADMIRE VERY MUCH ABOUT HIM…Thank you God!!!! For having blessed us . Thank you, Women with Gifts, for this opportunity.

It’s me –Veron with S

About Me:

I Am A Woman – God’s Beautiful Creation.

I am a strong woman but a quiet person. Music lifts up my soul. I love being amidst Nature. It brings serenity and a feeling of closeness with the Master. I prefer solitude rather the crowd. I am a little impulsive and at times have to struggle to keep patience. I love writing, reading, playing with my pet retriever Jazz…. the Jazz of our lives.

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