Recently we created a video about self-doubt and 5 ways to overcome self doubt and we wanted to take a moment to share those steps with each of you. As you are aware, you are able to watch the video but we wanted to share this infomation as well.

Here’s the steps to overcome self-doubt:


Alot of people say NEVER listen to the voice in your head but we say not only listen to the voices in your head but also counteract with the voice. Use the voices the voice of doubt in your mind to be the cons of your list and you create the PROS of that same list. In the video  referenced Pam Rollins’ How I Control The Voices In My Head which talks about how she controls the voices in her head.

2) Change your CIRCLE

a} If you are within a circle where you are the only EMPOWERER then you have to ask your self “who’s empowering you? You can’t really get over the doubt that you have about you if you are constantly empowering other people and calming their fears but no one is really there for you.

b} Alot of people tend to think that it’s always voices of doubt that they hear in their minds, but sometimes it’s your mind replaying what you’ve heard from the people in your cicle telling what you can’t do.

3) Change your ENVIRONMENT

Most of us when we have a brillant idea we always always tend to tell the people that could care less or may not understand your idea. Even when the people around us don’t get it we still tend to try to hammer our ideas on people who could care less.

Here’s the example we used for this lesson: Never go where you’re weren’t invited and never stay were you’re not welcome..

This goes for you, your ideas, your business or your products. Don’t be afraid to change the scene people. If something doesn’t fit for you or your business stop attempting to force a piece fo the puzzle that just doesn’t fit.

b}This lesson always holds true to your spouses  and significant others as well. Stop creating long drug out fights with your spouses over your ideas that you have that your spouse may not get. For example, your spouse may not care or have the attention span about your girly blog however he may amazing at creating the website for you.. Remember to use your spouses strengths and not their weeknesses.

4) Change your MINDSET

Remember that everything that you do from this point on is no longer about you. Sometimes we have amazing ideas but the focus is all about us. People want to see things happen for the greater good that includes them and everyone else around them. Whether you write a book, song, have a business or blog ask yourself , “who will this project benefit.”

5) Declutter Your Life

De-clutter your life includes people, places or things. Get rid of the things in your life that are no longer beneficial for you. The more clutter you have in your life the more you become overwhelmed. The more you are overwhelmed the more doubt tends to set in.

b} Eat more vegetables

c}Exercise, exercise and more exercise

Bonus: The MAIN reason your want to overcome doubt because doubt equals fear.

In the video, I used an acronym from Joyce Meyer, reminding us that fear is false edivence appearing real. 

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