As a woman, if you could do anything to change the world what would it be?

Today this question was answered by blogger,Taranjeet Kaur

As women it always amazes me how strong we are and can be when it feels like things are crumbling around us. When our health takes a hit, when uncertainty arises from relationships or money issues. Often when someone close has died, it will be women who are stronger then the men around seem. A woman will go through the 5 stages of grief in a completely, sometimes quicker way as if it’s in our genetic make up.

A woman wears many hats while caring for others. When I tell people this I often add in a fictional though possible example of a cave women fighting off wild animals while nursing a baby, it’s built within us. In the 1700s it was the women of the Sikh nation who sent their men off to battles, when they returned early emotionally defeated and worn out, the women weren’t happy to see them. Mai Bago herself lead 40 soldiers back into battle against invading Mughals.

We can make ourselves small like a chick or soar like an eagle!

As women who claim our power, steady as stone in any situation we are Wow Man! As strong as we are, we are fragile. It’s our responsibility to allow ourselves time to surrender, whole heartedly and bodily too. Really allow yourself to surrender, to drop anything your holding. There is strength in fragility too and from there we rise.

There are many great advances in Science and Technology however only women give and deliver life. Whether it be in the womb or a project, we all are capable of birthing more wonders than we ever thought possible into the world.

Taranjeet Kaur is an emerging writer newly living in East London. Taranjeet also paints in her journal, is a practicing Sikh and a Yoga teacher on hietus.


Find her on Instagram @taranjeetkaurcreative and Twitter @taranjeetart 

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