Hello my name is Charissa!
I was a small town girl who said “I’d never live in Alaska because it is too cold.” Can you guess where I live now? Yes! I live in Alaska and love it!
Before moving to Alaska, I would visit my aunt who was like my best friend and who introduced me to the world of jewelry making. That one little spark was all that it took for me to be hooked. Then life happened and it was put on hold. Yes, I made a few necklaces here and there, however, it wasn’t until these last few years that I decided to make a go of it.
I knew that I needed a slogan and I wanted it to be catchy. That is how Unstoppable & Confident came about. Unstoppable & Confident has several meanings. When women are dressed to the nines they feel Unstoppable & Confident, I want it to be a reminder that women are Unstoppable & Confident, and Jesus living in us makes us Unstoppable & Confident.
At first, I was designing gemstone jewelry, then broaden my scope to metal smithing. I took a few classes at a local bead store in Anchorage, which taught me the basics. After searching for reputable suppliers, I finally found some who are awesome and I am so thankful for them.
jewelry 2
My favorite designs are commissioned jewelry, because this is when I am most creative. Commissioned jewelry is designed showing reflections of the intended wearer.
When I see people’s faces light up and they are happy because they love the jewelry that was created, it truly warms my heart. It is about making others feel good about themselves and them feeling Unstoppable & Confident.

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