In response to government and NHS pressure for parents to ditch packaged and processed foods, mamamade has introduced their first line of frozen organic, plant-based meals for parents who want to provide healthy, home- cooked food for their babies but don’t have the time to do so. mamamade is a challenger in the UK baby food market with their easy to make, vegan-friendly range of flexible, nutritious foods that grow with your child.

sophie-mamamade-august-2018-76.jpgmamamade came to life when its founder, Sophie M Baron (US Vogue, WWD Beauty Inc, Conde Nast Traveler) struggled to find healthy and fresh options for her baby, for those times she was looking for a bit of convenience at home. “On social media, celebrities and mummy bloggers were constantly demonstrating how they were so easily making food for their babies at home, while I struggled to do so. My supermarket only provided packaged options that were shelf-stable, high in free sugar from fruit, and overly smooth for my daughter’s needs” says Sophie. “After several months spent testing different flavour combinations and methods of preparation, I finally developed mamamade’s first product and the building blocks of my daughter’s favourite meals.”

mamamade frozen mixes help every child discover and love the taste of real fruits, vegetables and grains by providing sustainable, quality ingredients that have been flash-frozen on the farm to preserve peak freshness and flavour. The brand’s first range of mixes includes Spring Greens & Chia, Sweet Potato, Beetroot & Cinnamon, Hearty Veg & Quinoa and Kale, Banana & Quinoa – available in pre-portioned and portion-yourself packages that are ready to heat, then puree, mash, or serve whole, depending on your child’s needs. Suitable for ages 6 months and older, as well as vegan and vegetarian families, every recipe is low in naturally-occurring sugars, naturally-free from Big-8 allergens, nutritionally dense and made with superfood, plant- based ingredients sourced from organic farms. Mothers, fathers and caregivers can finally feel good that they are providing first tastes and meals that are home-cooked, healthy and organic, without the prep or mess.


Instagram: @Mamamadefooduk

Twitter: @FoodMamamade

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