Not sure how many people believe in love at first site but here is our story.
I met my husband in the summer of 1988. I was coming home from a long days work, one beautiful afternoon and in the distance I can see three gentlemen approaching. I thought nothing of it, grab my things from the seat of my vehicle then exited. I cut across the lawn directly in front of the three and as I walked past my eyes lock to the gentlemen in the middle. We stay locked until I enter the building. We both smile and they continue on their journey.
As I’m entering the building I get this strange feeling all over my body. I guess you can call it a premonition of some sort because out of nowhere my mind says to me “That’s your husband.”
I was immediately smitten by his good looks but I’ve seen many good looking guys before.
I stop and lean against the hallway wall. I was scared and thought I was losing my mind for a moment. “How can that be my husband? Who are you in my head?” I questioned myself. I’ve never seen this guy before in my life, and was not certain, I would ever see him again.
Weeks go by and I thought nothing more of him or of my strange premonition.
My brother who is two years my junior was living with me at the time. He had this vehicle that gave him trouble. So one Saturday morning he went out to fix it. He had been out there for a few hours. I made lunch and needed to yell for my him to come eat.
So I go to the window lift it up and guess who I see? OMG, that’s the guy, thats the guy from the other week. My heart began to flutter a million miles an hour. I start to get nervous. “Did he come back for me?” I asked the universe loud and clear. I then gather my being and down the stairs I go to tell my brother it was now time to eat.
I get there and just stand there quietly, gazing at him and him gazing at me. My brother look up at the both of us then introduce him to me as (get this) our next door neighbor.
Our entrance to the front of our apartment was different but our back doors were butted right next to each other. He was literally my next door neighbor.
We were new to the neighborhood. We had only been there a few months, and the reason we had never seen him before was because he had been living away. He moved back to the neighborhood with his dad the day we laid eyes on each other.
After a few gazing minutes I tell my brother lunch is ready and walk back into the building.
To make a long story short. A few weeks later my family have this party and my brother invite him.
We talk and he has this amazing sense of humor. We quickly became very close friends through our weird sense of humor, our love of all things spontaneous and our desire for traveling. It took some time before we both admitted to crushing on each other.
I needed our relationship to evolve organically so I didn’t tell him about my premonition until after our marriage, which was 10 years from that day.
It’s been love ever since! We both feel so lucky to be able to marry one another and to call each other spouse.
On May 24th, of this year we will be married 25 years. We have 8 beautiful children and six grandchildren.
We both believe in love at first site, and me I believe in premonitions!
Cran and Pam, husband and wife founders of Lit Livin Brand Co. A tshirt company that stands for literally living life to the fullest. 
The company was founded in 2016  due to Pam’s love of penning inspiration to paper and Cran’s love for expressional T’s. After being dissatisfied with not finding many expressional tshirts that define his love for affirmations and knowing his wife could easily fill that void for him and many others. Lit Livin was born. 
Pam is the author of the well received book, “Straight and Narrow,” in 2000 and “Life sure feels different living in a separate house from my brother,” in 2010.
She is the playwright of “Shuga God made us free,” “Queen P,” and box office hit “The Devil didn’t raise you.”
Cran is a machinist by trade, worked in the field 20 years before stepping into the world of Tshirts.
In January 2019, they created, “Rollin with the Rollins,” a social media platform geared toward exploring a bucket list of adventurous travel to spice up their marriage, while documenting.

One thought on “Guest Blog| Love Story {Part 3}

  1. I actually joked with my best friend that my husband would be my next “exboyfriend” when I first saw him.
    I had no clue 8 years later, we’d still be together. lol
    I love stories like that. We “jumped in” and got married after being together for a whole 2 months- no regrets on either side.

    Liked by 1 person

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