Today we are sharing the Random by Dana Moss, the Founder and CMO (Chief Mom Officer) of Millennial Mom Confessions

What makes me different from any other women?

That really is such an interesting question.
I truly believe that all women are unique in their own right, so I never really thought of what makes me different from other women.

Perhaps my response is a bit jaded, and this is solely based on my own personal experience, but I find it very common that women are not genuinely happy for other women. I can honestly say, that I am genuinely happy for the success of other women. In today’s society, which is so competitive, it’s so sad to see that women are not happy for other women.

I am a naturally confident individual. I have always been extremely comfortable in my own skin, but have found that many female friends that I make, end up becoming extremely competitive with me. I haven’t figured out if it’s because they aren’t comfortable with themselves, or if they just feel the need to make me feel inferior. The most unfortunate part, is this is a common
reason why our friendship doesn’t last.

Instead of being competitive with one another, we should support each other. We should build each other up, not knock each other down. When I was pregnant, I could not believe how judgmental other women were. Instead of respecting one’s opinions or decisions, we are judged by them.

Again, do I think my specific characteristics make me different from other women? Maybe, maybe not. I know that there are millions of women out there, that are just as confident as I am. In my opinion, changes need to be made, so women do not feel the need to compete against each other. They need to be built up. Fortunately, I feel like our society, as a whole, is moving in the right direction. With the astounding number of females moving into high-power positions, this is exactly what needs to continue happening.

By women moving into these positions, it not only builds their own confidence, but allows other women to see what they are capable of. Women should not feel the need to compete to exceed one another, but to walk amongst each other, as equals.



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