I have been with my FIANCÈ for 6 years now and yes that’s quite a long time to get to know someone and slowly peel back those ‘honeymoon layers’ to reveal who they actually are. And it will forever bewilder me even now just how much he likes to ‘show off’ in front of his mother.
Now of course you know I don’t mean anything like ‘throwing a wobble’ to get his way – He’s nearly 28 for christ sake!
No, what I mean is whatever he is thinking in his head (Which should really stay there) leaks out just like word vomit. And let me tell you, there are times where it is utterly cringeworthy.
For example, just the other day we went over to his mother’s for a beautiful Ruby Murray (Curry) and my little boy wanted to play ‘hide and seek’, so we did – And yes it was loud (As children sometimes most times are). But he had the audacity to scold me in front of his mother as if it was my own doing “Rachelle, can you quiet it down!”.
Can anyone else relate..?
women with gifts rachelle stanley
Rachelle Stanley
Lifestyle, Beauty & Fashion Blogger: www.rachyreviews.com

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