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When you decided to start a business, blog or write a book there’s nothing better than FREE advertising that can help boost your business, or bring traffic to your website or blog. Recently we created a video to help each of you get FREE advertisement you current or next adventure. With our {Watch & Learn} videos we give you FIVE steps to get you started.

Here’s the steps we started about during our recent video:

1) Let the good times TROLL. We know this advice may sound weird but there’s actually nothing wrong with allowing people who hate you promote your business.

To paint a picture for each of you, a troll is a person that normally doesn’t know the person that they are harassing online via their Facebook or any other social media outlets. For some reason, trollers love bullying people that they don’t know because they love hiding and being bold at the same time. By now most of you may be asking yourself, “How can a troll be a form of free advertisement?” Well the good news is every time that a troll comments on any of your outlets, their friends and family can see that they have commented on your page or social outlets which gives your outlets more exposure… Wow–WHO KNEW?

Example used on the video: One year our page as a nonprofit was trolled after our social media ambassador posted a video on our Facebook page of women releasing balloons at our Hat & Heel Fundraiser for single mothers. When we posted the video, the troller didn’t know us, didn’t know anything about the organization but he said very negative things about us releasing balloons at our recent event. He really cared about the earth apparently. To this day, we thank our troller. He started so much controversy on our page and he also brought us so many followers because of it. So honey let the good times TROLL. Let the trolls continue to comment on your page that is more exposure. Exposure=Traffic |Traffic=Followers

2) Accept the FREE Twitter mentions..  It doesn’t really matter how many people put you in “spammy-like” mentions it’s FREE ADVERTISEMENT.. Sit back and enjoy.. The more your handle is shared on Twitter the more exposure and the more possible followers.. Rememer that Twitter followers=potential traffic to your website. We have all done this atleast once but don’t BLOCK people who put you in TWITTER chains because it’s FREE exposure for your business or blog. Remember to always say thank you for the person tagging you to keep goodness flowing. NOTE: If you noone is tagging you or mentioning you on Twitter, you start up a tagging session by saying good morning and tagging about 10 of YOUR followers. Keep in mind we said YOUR followers. If you tag people not following you it’s considered as spam and you may get reported.

2a) Accept when people tag you or create a story from your Instagram feed. This brings more exposure to your Instagram feed. Remember to try to keep the conversation going when someone comments on your social network. The more the other person comments, their audience can see the interaction.. Remember curiousity killed the cat.. {old saying}

2b) ASK FOR RECOMMENDATIONS: If you have a Facebook page and you don’t have any recommendations.. ASK for them! Friends, family and associates of the person leaving the recommendation can see it and it may bring more traffic to your page.

3) CONNECT- Don’t be afraid to connect with local newspapers and bulletins in your area. We know that newspapers sound old and outdated but what a better way to market to people that have never entered social media grounds.

3a) If you’re currently in college or you’ve gone to college, be sure to connect with your college newspaper. If you’re alumni, college love to keep up with successful news of their former students-especially if you wrote a book or started a business.

For this our founder used the time she was featured in the college bulletin of her former college Texas Wesleyan Unversity.

3b) Also connect with church bulletins especially if you started a business for things people may need for church. For example, hair,clothes, jewelry and etc.

4) EBLAST- If you feel your eblast subscriptions are too small, ask someone to be apart of there. Most people are looking for content for their eblast and what you do may fit in to what they are sharing anyway.

5) Word of MOUTH- We can’t suggest this enough. It’s your business, it’s your blog, it’s your book so SHARE IT.. whether you are in person or online line share information regarding your book.

Here’s a freebie tip: Don’t be afraid to use videos to expose your business. Whether you are using YOUTUBE, Periscope or just upload pre-recorded videos, videos are the best ways to expose your adventure FOR FREE.

The whole point of getting FREE advertisement is to boost up the raves about your business so you only share what’s being said rather than creating content to say about yourself.. It’s more exciting when others are talking about you!

This may seem like alot of information but trust us, you will love the video… Until the next 5…



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