Hello, my name is Millie S. Ann Ashmore. I am 34, a wife, mother, worker. When asked what would make me different from other women what came to mind immediately is how I prefer to find our similarities, how rather than looking at how I am different or better or worse I want to see and show how we are the same. As women we need to stand together, support each other and build each other up. There is enough negativity around us without us adding to that.

Towards the end of 2018 I re-engaged in writing. I started a blog along with a video blog with our family focusing on our youngest son. The purpose initially was solely for me as I had given up my passion for writing long before and knew it was time to reclaim myself. It didn’t remain something I wanted to keep to myself however. The goal of these outreaches now is to provide a message of positivity.

I also started a networking business with Younique Products. Network marketing business pushes me out of my comfort zone, puts me around empowering women and leaders invested in my success and this company provides mentorship and friendship that I came to adore! 2019 is going to prove to be one of great strides for myself and our family with all these amazing opportunities on the horizon. We plan to move forward with building a huge blog and video blog following, expanding on the makeup business and launching into other products using these to give back to services that our improving our local areas. My goal is to provide opportunities and build up others as was done for me.

Thank you to Women with Gifts for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself. I look forward to continued collaboration, meeting more new and supportive people and what is to come!


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