I am an early-thirties boss babe and/or female entrepreneur. I’ve been working for myself since I was 21 years old. After pursuing my Undergraduate Degree in Art, Design and Media, I pursued a freelance career in Graphic Design for 5 years. I learned the roots of running a business myself fairy quickly, but gained more insight through attaining two Masters Degrees; one in Marketing Communications and the second in Management and Leadership.

Somewhere along the line, I realised that corporate design didn’t give me the creative freedom I was craving for. In the back of my mind, yearnings of wanting to get into fashion kept creeping up, but the opportunity never presented itself, until 2012. I chose to write a Business Plan for my final Masters Dissertation for starting up a potential fashion brand.

This allowed me to measure the possibility of meeting Graphic Design with Fashion, without abandoning my existing career altogether. My careful planning proved fruitful eventually and the rest is history! KryptikRose® was officially launched in 2014 and caters to an international market.

Thankfully KryptikRose® customers enjoy my creative and colourful fusion of my artwork on tops, sweatshirts, hoodies and accessories like bags, backpacks and phone cases. Inspired by Pop Art, my aesthetic is definitely a treat for the senses.

I started writing my first book ‘#FBlogger: 20 Secrets to Fashion Blogging & Attracting Brands to You‘ in 2015, but finished and published it in 2017. I took two years to carefully research, write and illustrate my book. It’s truly a labour of love and I’m confident it offers enormous amounts of value and encouragement. Since then, I’ve written three more books that offer guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs in becoming successful business owners. I love writing and sharing my knowledge as a seasoned business owner.

My personal twitter account: @thekryptikrose

Here are my brands social media accounts:
Twitter: @kryptikrose_LDN 
Instagram: @kryptikrose_LDN 
Pinterest: @kryptikroseLDN 
Facebook: Kryptik Rose 

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