This week our organization went from blog to vlog thanks to the fabulous Miss Casey Quesadilla.

Recently, one of our guest writers and friends took our organization on a journey from blogging and vlogging and we were totally okay with that. We can’t thank you enough Casey for wanting to help us spread the word about our organization. We really appreciate you and we appreciate your efforts of creating the video!

Please take a moment to watch that latest from Casey  on her YouTube channel


[Script From Video]

Hey my cheesy fam!

It’s me CaseyQuesadilla again!

Today’s video is going to be a little different, we’re going to talk about an amazing website that focuses on empowering women! This incredible site is called,! not only helps women through rough times, but they also feature other amazing women who have dealt with or are going through similar situations; to help you know, you’re not alone!

I had the amazing pleasure of being one of their guest bloggers where I wrote about the stereotypes women have endured through the years! Standing Up For Women

I’m going to link to them below, please make sure you go give it a look!

However, that’s not where it stops! I asked them if there was anything specific, they wanted me to try and include in this video and they did not disappoint! One topic really stood out to me and I wanted to talk about that today as well!

Accepting yourself as a woman

Accepting yourself is hard enough as it is, but arguably being a woman makes things a slight bit harder. Now this isn’t to take away from the struggles of any of our equals, because we all do go through struggles; to say one is worse than the other is like comparing apples and oranges, but both of them are rotten.

Now any of you that have been watching my videos for a while know that my style is ever changing and that I’ve grown into my confidence. However, it wasn’t always like that. I’ve gone through the whole “how is everyone going to react to this, what are my parents going to say, what are my friends going to think?” all of those are legitimate things that go through many of our minds. When I was younger, they ruled my life, if I thought my parents would hate something that I wore I wouldn’t wear it or wouldn’t buy it. I wouldn’t say it was an identity crisis, but I would compare it to a lack of self-esteem. My dad saw this *address nose piercing, you’ve not addressed in the last video* and legitimately asked me if I had done it because I had low self-esteem.

When he asked me about that I actually had to think if that’s the reason I decided to do any of my piercings or tattoos, but after a few minutes of thought I figured out; that’s not the reason I’ve done these things. I did this *pointing to all piercings* because I finally had enough self-confidence to do what I wanted to do, it is my body after all!

Enough of that though! The reasoning for this brief story time was to show you that instances like this, no matter how infinitesimal you may think it is, is why exists. Bringing women together to help support one another and let them know how loved they are, just by being themselves!

Until next time I love you all so so much! Stay cheesy my friends! Bye!

Casey Q2

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