As a woman, if you could do anything to change the world what would it be?
I love this question because one of my goals as a woman has always been to change the world, or at least my little part of it, for other women and girls like myself.

Today this question was answered by blogger, Adeoti Oyinda 

As a woman, having lived your entire life as a girl child, a teenage female, and finally maturing into an adult, you’ll most likely come to realize that the odds are stacked against you in more ways than one just because of your gender. It’s unfortunate that women are unlucky enough to be born into a world where they are mostly sidelined and seen as second-class citizens. Many women in most parts of the world are denied basic human rights and are restricted in countless ways. If I had the power, I’d snap my fingers and eradicate patriarchy, just like that – but I don’t, so I can’t. What I can do, however, is help women around me carry on the work of the women who came before us, and together we can dismantle the patriarchy bit by bit.

A cause especially close to my heart is the eradication of child marriage. Child marriage is one of the many epidemics that plagues countries like Chad, Bangladesh, India, Mali, South Sudan, Nigeria, and Guinea. Child marriage is inhumane, and there are little girls who are plucked from their lives and childhoods to be given or sold away in marriage before they’re even old enough to understand or grasp what the concept of marriage is about. They are married off to men who are old enough to be their fathers and sometimes grandfathers. They are wives and mothers even before they become teenagers, and some of them become widows before they’re even twenty.

If I could do anything to change the world, it definitely would be the eradication or criminalization of child marriage across all countries. Girls should be allowed to be girls – they should have their childhood and play like children without having to worry or even think about a husband. They should go to school, read books, be allowed to grow and mature at their own pace. They should be presented with or given opportunities to advance their education and careers, and just be allowed to live freely and independently.

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