My name is Huda, a 29-year-old Lebanese American. I’ve been married to my husband, Mahmoud, for three years, and we have a beautiful one-and-a-half year old boy named Ameer and a bouncing baby girl on the way whom we’ve decided to name Sophia! Just this past December, I decided to launch my own website in which I blog about beauty and lifestyle topics.

I’ve had a passion for writing all my life, and I grew up doing just that, whether it be reviews, articles, essays, poems, or all of the above, and I often found myself occupying the majority of my time writing short stories that were inspired solely by my desire to dream, create, and share. And as a result of eventually dealing with depression and anxiety, I had lost a lot of myself and what I love in the process, but writing was the only constant medium in my life that made me feel better and carried me through the slump as I documented my experiences and feelings in a journal.

I was a prominent beauty blogger back in 2010, but at the time, I was way too busy with school to dedicate the appropriate amount of attention to maintain it. So it eventually fizzled out, but my passion for the beauty world never did. Like most women, I grew up to obtain a love of makeup and all things beauty, especially once I learned how to properly apply it and work it to my advantage! Makeup, fashion, and skincare have the power to not only enhance a woman’s looks and features, and thus making her feel beautiful and confident, but also build a strong sense of community that brings us all together through one common interest. As a blogger, I loved sharing my beauty tips, tricks, and routines as well as having the wonderful opportunity to review products. It was also a place where both of my passions came together at once – makeup and writing.

Fast forward to now, and a lot has happened since then. I am no longer in school, held multiple jobs in different fields (often at the same time), got married, had kids, and am now what you may consider a stay-at-home mom. But while my life has slowed down in some ways, it has certainly accelerated in others. Basically, I have grown not only by age, but matured through different experiences that have shaped who I am now and will propel me to where I want to be in the future. Enter this blog, which I’ve chosen to name “Blushes & Butterflies.” It has a dual meaning that will represent the contents I share on it now and what I hope it develops into going forward. As I said previously, my love of writing has never diminished; it has only gotten stronger and more bold and ambitious as life has taken me into realms I never thought I’d experience or knew existed, good and bad. Since I used to be a beauty blogger, it was natural that when I started a blog again that it would still encompass all things beauty such as looks, swatches, reviews, tutorials, and unboxings. In addition to that, though, this blog will also cover a range of lifestyle topics in which I share ideas, advice, and inspirational posts that are all about, but certainly not limited to, mental health/self-care, relationships, and motherhood. Butterflies are very symbolic of love, life, loss, and triumph. So I felt it appropriate to bring beauty and lifestyle together with a name that incorporates both.

I love to discover new things and share my experiences, and I am excited to be able to combine all of my passions on one platform. With new experiences come some uncertainties, but the reward is always worth the risk! My hope for this blog is for it to be interactive, not one-sided. So whether you share the love of beauty, crave relationship posts, relate to my mommy adventures, or are curious about how to maintain self love and care, this is meant to be a fun, inspiring, and positive place where we can learn from and uplift each other that I hope you will be a part of. Because, at the end of the day, while we may be on different paths, the journey is ultimately the same … the journey of finding the beauty in everything.”


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