My name is Cendrine Marrouat. (It is pronounced as “san-drEEn mar-wah”. The “t” at the end is optional.) Originally from Toulouse, France, I have called Canada my home for almost 16 years.

I am a photographer, poet, author of 11 books, and French instructor. I specialize in nature, black-and-white and closeup images. My photography seeks the mundane to capture the fleeting, but true beauty of life in its many forms.

I approach photography in the same way as I write poetry. It’s not about the tools. It’s about the moment when my eyes catch a story that needs to be told. What happens next, is a spiritual yearning to describe the scene with my camera.

However, it is during the editing process that my poetic background comes into play. Every photo must achieve two goals: simplicity and serenity. I use the pure black and white format to convey timelessness. Occasional tinges of sepia are for added depth. Finally, colors stand for romanticism.


I have a passion for old, black-and-white images, especially tintypes and daguerreotypes. Unfortunately, as great as digital photography is, it cannot emulate those old-fashioned processes. So, a couple of years ago, after multiple failed attemps, I decided to create my own style, called “reminigrams”.

The word is a combination of two ideas: ‘reminiscence’, which stands for a memory or the act of recovering it; and ‘-gram’, a suffix of Greek origin meaning “something written” or “drawing”. Each picture in this ongoing series depicts a scene from a past that could have been.To see all my reminigrams, click here.


In 16 years, I have done many things, including social media coaching and training, content creation and curation, teaching, translation, photography, poetry, theatre, art reviews, blogging, and journalism. I also released five collections of poetry, three photography books, two social media ebooks, a play, and a spoken word CD. I tried writing short stories, but the genre is not my thing.

Those different occupations have provided me with a lot of insights into the freelancing and online world. I understand what it means to have a business. I know the challenges and struggles entrepreneurs go through on a daily basis because they have been part of my life too. To me, social media is about the human journey. This need to connect with others is part of the human fabric. We want to feel that we belong somewhere, that our voice is heard, that we matter.

My decision to work in social media stemmed from that idea. I spent eight years helping indie artists, small business owners and entrepreneurs to leverage the power of online relationships and become strong and trusted brands.

New Book

I am currently putting the finishing touches to my 12th book. Walks: A Collection of Haiku (Volume 1) is a celebration of my love for haiku, a poetry form that I have studied extensively. I have written many pieces since 2006.

Haiku force you to be concise. They teach you to tell impactful stories. In a nutshell, they are the embodiment of the “Show don’t tell” technique. A technique on which I have relied for many years, including for my play, titled In the Silence of Words (released in 2018), and my photography. 

Walks: A Collection of Haiku (Volume 1)  is an invitation to enjoy the flitting moments that make life beautiful. It will be released at the end of February 2019. I am hoping to complete Volume 2 within the next couple of months.

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