#FBlogger: 20 Secrets to Fashion Blogging & Attracting Brands to You was written by Mia Rose

When reading this book we were very impressed with the author of this book. Most people say never judge a book by its cover but we always tend to, especially when it comes to authors. When it comes to authors, most people always assume authors are older, smoking cigars by the fireplace as they write books. With Mia Rose, we were impressed that she is currently in her 30’s and has multiple careers as well as obtaining multiple degrees. KryptikRose is one of the businesses that she developed and mentions throughout the book.

Now to discuss the #FBLOGGER book… This book is more of a learning tool for bloggers. This book is geared for fashion bloggers but tips from this book are relevant for all bloggers. This book explores how to set up blogs, compares what works and what doesn’t work for your blog. This book also gives social media and networking tips with the primary goal of attracting new companies and brands.

We’re grateful that this author tells the ultimate truth to bloggers which is really refreshing from the normal blogger get rich overnight success stories. Most bloggers that share helpful how-to type tips do so based on potential payouts or kickbacks from major brand and companies. Without correct information about blogging, this sometimes can lead  some bloggers down a road of pure deception and failure.

If you ever thought about blogging in any field not just as a fashion blogger, you may want to read this book. This book gives you the raw truth of all aspects of blogging with the end result of attracting brands and not just blogging as a hobby.

In our opinion, this book would be perfect for teen girls based on how the book comes from a positive nature and has a tone of a big sister talking to a little sister. Also giving tips to prevent potential bloggers from making the same mistakes that most businesses make during the start-up process. We could totally see more teens reading this book and becoming successful just by following precise steps that the book offers.

One thing that’s different about this book from any other book that we’ve read is the quotes between chapters and the full design of the book. The design of the book is what makes you intrigued on what’s on the inside… Once again we are judging the book by its cover… This book is available on Amazon.

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