Book Review: A Gentle Hug for the Soul

While we reading A Gentle Hug for the Soul, we honestly almost stopped reading the book within the first chapter because the book talked about death and losing a close friend named, Lisa. While reading, we didn’t want to be reminded of our cousin, Lisa who died of stomach cancer. We didn’t want to face that fact that everytime we thought of Lisa, our family would always become overwhelmed with grief.

We kept reading this book because, the book deals with life’s experiences from a positive aspect. A Gentle Hug For The Soul, is about hugging your soul where pain once lived and using spiritual tools to bring in a new found joy.  When we originally agreed to review this book, we had no idea what we were in for. Upon reading the title, A Gentle Hug For The Soul, we thought the book was similar to a series called Chicken Soup for the Soul, which are books that shares real-life inspirational stories. We soon found that wasn’t the case.

Before we continue to tell you about the book, let’s talk about the author.

Lindsay Coldeick is spiritual mentor and energy healer, who works with people going through major transitions in their life to calm their fears and helps them overcome any obstacles. She also works with people to help them create the life they want.

Who is this book for?

This book is for anyone that have allowed a phone call ruin their whole day. This book is for anyone who has experienced a death in the family, divorce or just an everyday life experience.

In one instance of the book, the author shares how her daughter fell and busted her head. Instead of having a spirit of regret, she had a spirit of thankfulness. Thankful for the ability of healing for her daughter and thankful for having a neighbor to watch her son while going to hospital with her daughter.

The life experiences you have will not stop just because you read this book. However, the book provides you with the ability to learn about tools such as crystals and other dynamics to help you channel your energy to teach you how you handle negative situations. Medication, access bars, and crystals are ways to channel different types of energies as well. The book also talks about purification of the crystals to create a better connection of energies. The book also defines beings like reincarnation, spiritual guides and spiritual armies. Believing that you will come back as another human to complete what you didn’t finish when you lived before.

This book also explores about negative energy and how to observe the aura of others whether positive or negative. Providing you with tools to protect your energy by completing daily rituals or exercises. One of our favorite parts in the book was learning to speak your destiny into the atmosphere- to have the life YOU want.

In our opinion, this book would be more for people who are interested in these types of practices and wanting to start out using these tools at the basic level. We could easily see this book being a part of series in order to continue to teach beginners step by step methods towards spirituality.

This book is now available on Amazon.









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