If we could be honest, most of us have really amazing ideas but we really don’t explore the full possible of how successful we could be until someone comes around and sparks that bit of fire under our butt. Recently, we started sharing tips on Periscope that we hope will be that inspiration that pushes you to your full potential of your business.

In this video, we share 5 Quick Tips on how to get your work featured via radio, print magazines, blogs and/or websites. To start of this video we asked the question, “why would you want to be featured in the media?” Regardless of what you do, you want to attempt to be the best at it. In addition, you always want to be featured in media because your goal is to drive ATTENTION to what you do. ATTENTION=TRAFFIC. If you have a blog or website TRAFFIC=FOLLOWERS, which is always good!

So, here’s the steps we shared during our video to get you work featured in MEDIA:

  1. Mingle a Little.Get to know other bloggers and PR reps. If you are already in the “know” or already rubbing elbows with bloggers, magazine owners or publicist, you will pretty much be their first choice when they are looking for new content or people to feature on their outlets. So, network both online and face-to face. Get to know the best of the best. Rub elbows with the best of the best.
  2. Look for opportunities via social media or directly in magazines or radio stations. FYI, magazines are always looking for new content. Especially new magazines. When looking for opportunities via Twitter or Facebook, don’t forget to use hashtags to find opportunities.
  3. Now that you know where you are trying to take your blog or business, have your biography, picture and social media links available for the next person asking you for this info. Use a picture that’s eye-catching without filter for best traffic results. Remember that the picture of your feature will determine where or not people will become interested in reading your biography in the first place.
  1. a) Don’t tell anyone to grab your bio from another location. Make your information easy for people to have your information or you may lose your opportunity to be featured.
  2. b) Treat each feature opportunity as if the person doesn’t know you. Continue to add to your biography as necessary to make each feature interesting.
  3. Share. Share. Share Share your previous features. Add previous features on your website or biography. Sharing your previous features will make you relevant in the media world and it will also show the potential outlet featuring you know how serious you are to get your information out and it also show how appreciate you are and can be.

5) Once you get featured… ACT LIKE YOUR CARE. Say thank you to the outlet(s) that featured you or your business. Also, if they share information about you or your business YOU SHOULD TOO. Besides, it is about you. Keep open communication with the media outlets that featured you. Having great communication with media outlets gives you the opportunity to return to them for potential re-features if you happened to add to your success. For example, new business ventures and etc.

  1. a) Don’t be afraid to ask the outlet that featured you to update your information. If things have changed in your life such as you wrote a book, graduated from college or anything newsworthy, ask the outlet to update your information or re-feature you.

These are 5 steps to get your started with your business or blog features but they are definitely not the be all answer to your upcoming success. You can do this! By the way, if you didn’t have a chance to watch our recent video, watch if now by clicking here.

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