Do you chase love?

“Two things you will never have to chase: True friends & true love.”

I believe in love and I am a die-heart romantic person when it comes to express love.

I believe love is meant to be expressed and live fully with. But I feel with the changing times

love is also losing its essence. Love used to be a serious affair, I still remember when I found the

man of my dreams who is now my husband 🙂 I decided to marry him and waited for him for five years,

we managed to survive long-distance relationship yet stayed loyal to each other. Today we are together

and married for eight years.


Our love story was blooming far away from the internet era and today

it has become so easy to find someone with your basic parameters on your friend list or the various

dating apps available. We have so many options nowadays to chase love,

to continuously search for THE ONE and everything has become so convenient.


We have become so addicted to the company of someone who can love us, pay attention to us and whom we can rely upon,

that we just cannot stay alone, we fear loneliness and we bump into dating apps, trying to find a perfect match,

flaunting our best side, smiling and slaying. We want to be loved and for that never-ending search of love we

dwell into many wrong relationships and this chase never ends rather we end up hurting and disappointing ourselves.

We always seek validation from others, we want to look good, we want to get noticed by someone and wish to

get some special attention.


Love will find a way on its own, you don’t have to chase it.

The more you chase love the more it will keep running from you like a butterfly.

It looks beautiful and you want it but fail to catch it, but when you sit still and

try to experience the beauty it sits near you and you are not even aware many times.


This Valentine promise yourself, especially if you are single, you will not get hurt,

you will not put yourself in wrong relationships just for sake of it. You will cut yourself from

all the toxic relationships. You will start loving yourself, listen to yourself, talk to yourself.

Your inner self needs you.


Self-love is not selfish. Love yourself first and rest will fall in place.


Much love and gratitude,

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