women with gifts wigs 2Hello my name is Sade!
Sade Popoola was born in West Ham and currently resides in London, United Kingdom.  She is a wife, mother, beautician, presenter, inventor and author. Sade attended Newman Preparatory School, Boston, Mount Ida College and the Elizabeth Grady School of Aesthetics in Massachusetts, USA. She possesses 3 diplomas; a Diploma in Aesthetic, Diploma in Makeup Artistry and a Diploma in Hair care.

Sade has been blessed with numerous talents which she horned into business ventures. Such as running her own salon in Nigeria and being in charge of styling presenters at various television stations before they went on air. Sade later took a leap of faith, entered a radio voice contest and not only did she win the contest, Sade was also awarded her own radio program, ‘Staying Up with Sade’, which was a major hit. From ‘Staying up with Sade’, Sade moved on to television with the hit Nigerian national breakfast show ‘New Dawn on 10’ where she was able to blend her passion for presenting with her gift as a makeup artist and beautician, focusing on morning makeup tips and beauty and fashion makeovers.

Sade’s talents do not stop with makeup and presenting, she is also an author and inventor. As a bubbly, full of life woman Sade has been through trials over her life which has inspired her to write a book titled, ‘Be the Total Woman You Are: Living your Purpose In Full Totality’. Sade’s invention is in the process of being patented. Once that process is complete all will be revealed. Following her invention Sade was nominated for British Female Inventor and Innovator awards and was also frequently invited to speak on the ‘Role of Innovation In Business’.

Sade’s beauty background and the fact that she loves wearing wigs motivated her to open up a wig restoring business called, ‘Wigs Concierge’, a business which restores wigs for women and helps them save money by maintaining the wigs they already have. Sade’s motto is, ’A woman should only buy a new wig because she wants change and not because she ruined one’.

Women With Gifts Wigs

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