I am Marni Xuto, I am a Recipe developer, Content Creator and founder of www.Thaifoodmadeeasy.com Thai food recipes online UK based website.
I acknowledge the real appetite for a quick and easy Thai home cook meal. A good Thai dish can spark our imagination. It transports us to an exotic place. That is the reason; I invented the easy Thai food recipes for everyone to enjoy Thai food in the comfort of their own homes. Anyone will be able to make the best Thai food with very little effort by using my simple step-by-step cooking method.
My Thai food recipes have been featured on many international culinary websites i.e. Foodgawkers, Cookethos, Blogarama, All recipes. I have collaborated with numerous restaurants, food suppliers, businesses in North England. I recently launched an online Thai Food Hamper product to help people who passionate about Thai food can enjoy cooking Thai food in their own home.
It was not easy when I first started up as I wasn’t financially ready.  I had to organise my time between a full time job in public sector.. which I love, with the other enthusiasm  that I am so passionate about.In 2019 will be an exciting time as requests from restaurants, food suppliers and food magazines from other parts of the UK starting to flood in.
Click on the picture below to grab our recipes:

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Marni Xuto

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