You know before people can even finish creating their websites completely, they are already wondering how to get people to follow their blogs. So, if you’ve ever asked yourself how to get people to follow your blogs, we’ve created a video just for you!

Our video is called: “Quick Tips to Get Blog Followers”

In our video, we shared 5 quick tips on how to get blog followers. Just in case you haven’t had a chance to watch, wanted to share it here as well so you don’t miss it.

How you get people to follow your blog?

Suggestion #1 GO FOR IT!

Create cute and functional websites that has a follow or subscribe button that super easy to locate. When you create a website, keep your potential subscribers in mind. Make everything super easy. Also keep in mind that someone from age 10 to age 90 could possibly want to visit and subscribe to your website. So, make it super easy!

Suggestion #2 Social Media Chains

When you are trying to get your feet wet it’s okay to join either Twitter chains or Facebook groups.

Look at the Twitter Chain example below:

  • RT This
  • Follow US
  • Share your website below

Here’s the note to the Facebook or Twitter Chains:

Follows the rules of the person hosting the chains and also be fair. Other bloggers within these chains are only following you because they are looking for new followers as well, so don’t join if you aren’t willing to follow others back. You don’t have to be the person participating you are also able to CREATE your own chain.

Suggestion #3 Follow your Niche

Follow people within your niche’ on social media. They know your struggle and they relate to everything that you are doing. If you follow your niche, they will follow you. You will have a built-in support system.

Suggestion #4 Connect your blog to your social networks

Make sure your blog is connected to all of your social media networks so when you publish your blogs, they automatically publish to your social pages reaching more of your potential followers.

Suggestion #5 Expose your expertise.

  1. a) That’s the whole reason you started a blog to begin with, right? Become a guest blogger. It super hard for someone to share about their website without talking about your guest post on their site. Use others platform to grow your website. It sounds horrible but it’s actually a win/win for everyone involved. Whatever you share on your own blog don’t be afraid to share your expertise on someone else’s blog.
  2. b) Blogging Awards. We know that blogging awards sounds super silly when you think about it but they are super huge in the blogging world so go with the flow. Use these awards to give your website credibility. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Look at the recent Sunshine Blogging Award that we just recently received.
  3. c) BACKLINKS! So, for those of you wondering, backlinks take place across the Internet when one website mentions another website and links to it. Also, referred to as “incoming links,” backlinks make their connection through external websites. These links from outside domains point to pages on your own domain. Whenever backlinks occur, it is like receiving a vote for a webpage. The more votes you get from the authoritative sites creates a positive effect on a site’s ranking and search visibility, according to SEO Clarity. The only thing to really remember about backlinks are they are known to draw new traffic and traffic equals follows. More traffic to your website the more followers! Traffic=Followers
  4. d) Blogtober is one of the examples that we used during our video to share with you about the monthly bloggy type events. For example, with BlogTOBER, this takes place in October and you write about whatever that theme is for that month-every day of the month. These type of blog events provide you a lot a great content super-fast and it drives traffic to your website as well. We didn’t share this in the video but we will share this here within this blog. Please be sure to read the blog from Quantity vs Quality: What Makes a Good Blogger by our friend Talks, which gives super great advise about blogging great content. The more you publish the more traffic you will have. Remember traffic equals followers. The only downside to these types of blog events are once they are over you may see a dip traffic on your website. Traffic=Followers

Final Suggestions:

Don’t be afraid to refurbish your content. Notice we didn’t say re-blog your content. We said REFURBISH. Dust off your content. Especially if you’ve had your website for a while. Update your pictures. Update the information that you blogged about. If you have a short post that you’ve published in the past, add to it. By all means, don’t forget to tag each and everything thing that you publish. Here’s examples, #women #lifestyle #beauty. If you didn’t use hashtags your first time of published your blogs please go back and edit and do it now.

ABA- Always Be Advertising! You may not feel that your blog is a business but it is. One of the bloggers we follow, actually has business cards for her blog.

Blogs go great at parties, private dinners and etc. so don’t be afraid to talk about your new baby.

Suggestions for newbies or potential new bloggers:

If you’re thinking of starting a new blog, think of doing the following:

Try to create a catchy name or brand and create social media sites to match the name.

For example our social media handle is around the board @womenwithgifts

Try to create everything the same if you can to make sure friends, family and potential followers can follow you on all sites.

Be creative and original! Don’t try to be like other bloggers. Be you. It’s okay to have idols or a mentor but don’t try so hard to duplicate.

What suggestions would you offer bloggers?







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