We’ve been wanting to share this information with you guys for a while but we struggled a lot with the title than we did with the content… So, here’s the title and then we will move on to the nitty gritty.

5 Reasons Bloggers Shouldn’t Buy Followers

5 Reasons Writers Shouldn’t Buy Followers

5 Reasons Authors Shouldn’t Buy Followers

5 Reasons Entrepreneurs Shouldn’t Buy Followers

Okay, we think we got the title down. Now here’s for the information we want to share with you.

So you recently started a new project and for now you don’t have a lot of followers. YET. Key word is YET. You know we get it you just started this project and it’s important to you and you can’t wait to see it grow. Then you get online with the big-league bloggers, writers and entrepreneurs and they have thousands and follows on all of their outlets and you barely hit one hundred or your barely hit one thousand. The one thing we want you all to know is that whatever you do is unique and people will love you for you so when we say you don’t need to purchase followers, please believe us.

So, here’s what we share via our recent video, 5 Reasons YOU Shouldn’t Buy Followers

Reason #1 

One reason you don’t buy followers for your social media account is you can buy them to come to your account but you can’t make them stay. So, your followers could be here today gone tomorrow.

Reason #2

Once you purchase followers most of them are fake so your bought followers don’t respond or if they do their comments don’t match what you’re talking about on your platform. So that means when you post anything on your social media accounts these bought followers will not respond, they won’t share or anything…

Reason #3

Questions you must ask yourself when thinking about buying followers are, “will I make more money by having fake followers or “what will having more “fake followers” prove?”

Reason #4

YOU DON’T NEED FAKE FOLLOWERS! You are brilliant. You are creative. You are unique! Allow that to show within anything that you do whether it’s in a book, whether it’s in a blog or business, allow you to show and the followers will come. If you continue to be unique, REAL followers will

Reason #5

Buying followers is an absolute waste!  Buying followers may boost your ego for a while but what happens when it really soaks in that you didn’t gain the followers organically?

Our how-to videos are super simple for watch and take notes from so jump in, watch and learn!



4 thoughts on “{VIDEO}| 5 Reasons NOT to Buy Followers #socialmedia

  1. Great advice! I would also encourage authors to stay away from buying Amazon reviews. When I self-published my book, I did purchase reviews from Foreword Clarion and Kirkus because these companies work with bookstores, libraries, and schools all over the world. Their reviews influence buyers and librarians so it makes sense to purchase these. Companies offering Amazon reviews charge you for the service and want your book for free to boot! When you give away a PDF copy of your book – it can be shared millions of times because there is no encryption and therefore no protection for you. You worked hard to write the book and you deserve the earnings you generate from sales.

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