Recently, we asked female entrepreneurs the following question:
As a woman, if you could share anything about yourself that makes you different from any other woman, what would you share?
Today this question was answered by poet, High Vibe Five

What sets me apart from others? I think the biggest thing that sets me apart is my compassion. I have a heart from, for, and of the universe. I have loving compassion for all living beings. I have the ability to meet everyone where they are and the ability to make people believe in a silver line; mainly, because I believe there always is one. I look at people from the inside. I think that’s important because there are times when people choose to wear masks. However, if people are granted an opportunity to feel beautiful and valid without those masks, it creates space for them to live in their truth. It creates space for a glimpse of happiness.

My compassion has stemmed from my freedom. I’ve forgiven myself for my bad decisions and forgiven those who have wronged me. I’ve learned to detach and heal from my pain, and it’s inspired me to help others do just that. If we could all just help one person, it would ensue in universal healing…one person at a time. I am compassionate because I know what it’s like to feel inferior and judged. I know what it’s like to feel isolated in a room full of people, and I know what it’s like to yearn to be seen. Everyone gets so caught up caught up in their world, forgetting that this world is a space we all share. Humanity is necessary, and it’s a beautiful thing.

Please take a moment to meet High.Vibe.Five

women with gifts high five vibe

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