hitchhike tours part 2My Name is Swati Goyal and I was born and brought up in Uttarakhand, India. Unlike many girls I was given equal opportunity to study and make career in any field which I chose but there was a constant pressure to choose between Engineering/Medical. So, I chose Engineering over Medical and did my Btech in Information Technology. I was  ambitious and I wanted to do more which made me persue MBA in HR & Marketing. I was fortunate enough to work in MNCs early in my career but while everything was going fine, I was not happy. It was not what I always wanted to do. I was not happy with the mundane activites of job and thought of giving it all for some time. It was in the year 2016 that I took a short assignment in West Bengal and met some mutual friends there.
While I was sharing my stories of travel with them to different places, I asked for a potential business which could make me happy. They were into the field of travel since long and suggested me to take a leap for the passion which I had. I started working with them for a year to understand the operations of the business and finally decided to open my dream cum travel agency in 2017-18 and that was it!.Since then I have been learning more, sharing my experiences to the fellow travelers and looking for more opportunities. There is a constant desire to learn more, experiment and wish that I can do something for the world.
Hitch-Hike Tours & Travels deals with FITs and group bookings for both domestic and international clients. We believe in customer service over revenue generation and have successful partnerships with major market players in travel industry. We are asking for travel bloggers to connect and share their blogs of the unseen destinations/food journeys and can feature their blogs on our website. Connecting a local is always recommended over any other guiding tour operator. I have recently started writing about my experience on Quora, Twitter, Sheroes and Trip Advisor.
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