You’re ugly

You’re fat

You can’t read

You can’t spell

Am I a bully?!?

You’re stupid

You’re dumb

You look like a monkey

Why are you wearing those clothes?

Am I a bully?

Gimme your money

Gimme your snacks

Give me your shoes

Am I a bully?

What will our bullies become?

Whether we want to believe it or not, the kids that we house are not perfect. Will they begin to bully us online or at our local banks or stores during a robbery? What about the person being bullied, what will they become? Will, they too become bullies. Will they become our next boss and make us regret the day they were ever bullied? Or do they live the rest of their lives in darkness and solitude? Parents are we bullies? Is bullying a learned behavior? Who actually starts the cycle of bullying? Who should we blame? –LK

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