Recently, we asked female entrepreneurs and writers the following question:

As a woman, if you could share anything about yourself that makes you different from any other woman, what would you share?

Today this question was answered by blogger Suzanne at Fibro Mom Blog

I have to admit that this question stumped me a little. Recently, I have met so many strong, courageous women who are beautiful and unique in their own way.  Yet, I share something with all of them. Picking out what makes me different took some soul searching.

I have always felt invisible my whole life. This feeling stems from being abused and seeing abuse as a child. I’ve had the weight of depression on my back for as long as I can remember. Fast forward and I’m diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and several other chronic pain illnesses in my late 30’s. Now at 44 I see all of these as obstacles I have to overcome to get to my goal. Yet, overcoming them is not always possible.

I didn’t finish college right out of high school, I ended up getting married and having kids instead. So about six years ago, I heard my calling to become a psychologist. I have been working part-time towards that goal while working a full-time job since then. Even though this causes me great stress, which causes my Fibromyalgia to flare, it is not going to make me give up.

What makes me unique is that even in the face of adversity I remain positive. When I am in pain and all I want to do is die, I choose to live. Letting my illnesses define me is not something I allow. I have a drive within me that pushes me forward to accomplish what I set out to do.  As I was talking to someone the other day I was confiding in them all I had on my plate and my insecurities in being able to accomplish it all. They responded by telling me that I am an “out-right badass!” This raised me up so high, but made me realize, “Yes! I am a badass!” However, there are so many badass women out there and one of the things that make me unique is that I want them to know it.  Raising other women up like this person did for me is a huge goal in my life.

I started my blog, FibroMomBlog to make myself admit that I was chronically ill and to hold myself accountable to myself. What I found in return surprised me beyond belief.  I had no idea there were so many other people going through the same pain I am going through. This made me realize that although becoming a psychologist is still important to me, I can still make a difference in someone’s life with my blog.

I strive to provide a place of belonging and knowledge for people who are fighting any chronic illness including mental illness. Reach out to me and tell me your story and in the process find new friends.  My ultimate hope is to provide a voice to those who feel invisible.


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