Hello my name is Karen.

Aged 40 I was a single mum & nurse in Scotland when my fiancé in Nottingham, England, was diagnosed with a brain tumour. We got married in hospital, the wedding was organised in 4 hours. At the same time, we were also organising my husband’s funeral, just in case he didn’t survive the operation to remove the tumour.

My husband created the concept of fundraising firewalks 34 years ago, it is now one of the top 3 fundraising events in the UK.

That day I left Scotland, my family, my home, job, friends, my support network, absolutely everything I knew to become wife & carer and manager of Blaze, the Firewalking Experts with only the clothes I was wearing and the contents of my handbag.

11 years later I’m still in Nottingham, running Blaze, working with charities and fundraisers raising much needed funds. I’ve been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal twice, firewalked on 40 TV programmes and events have been feature in publications.

I am the only full time female firewalking instructor in the world. 95% of our events are fundraising events. It takes a special organisation for me to agree to a non-fundraising event. I’ve turned down companies such as Unilever and events in Paris and Mexico.



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