Today we are reviewing The Adventures of Jenny and Philip by Author Dawn-Maria France.

First off, we have to thank the Yorkshire Women’s Life Magazine for sending us a copy of the author’s book for review. For those of you that haven’t figured it out by the title, The Adventures of Jenny and Philip is a children’s book. This book is perfect for children around the ages of 4 to 6 maybe even age 7 depending on reading level.

This book/story talks about Jenny, George and Jessica. The story shares how Jenny was adopted by her aunt and uncle who couldn’t really make her happy. Seems like she pretty much got away with a lot. In fact, the book describes Jenny as “naughty”. While reading the book, it’s pretty evident that Jenny’s aunt and uncle didn’t really have control of her behavior until she meet George who is not only her new next-door neighbor but turns out to be her new best friend.  During the time that Jenny is playing with George she turns from her “naughty” behavior that is until Jessica, George’s cousin comes into the picture.

Here are reason this book may be a great book for children:

  1. It doesn’t paint the picture of a child coming from a traditional family dynamic which consist of the normal mom and dad, this book has an aunt and uncle which may be more relatable to today’s society.
  2. It allows the readers to see that some unwelcomed behaviors affect other people. In this case, George was very hurt about not being able to play with his friend because of her jealousy and anger.
  3. Allowing children to see these behaviors and seeing the ending result may be a lifelong lesson for them.

women with gifts the adventures of jenny and philip

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