We often talk about ways women are constantly making waves and innovating the world that is always finding ways to tear us down, however, we don’t talk about the changes we could make to benefit women. Today, we’re going to talk about just that! There are quite a few things that have hindered women through the years, but I think the thing that has hindered us the most would be the way society portrays us.

Society has portrayed women as weak, emotional, and helpless. Not only is this wrong, but it’s demeaning. For years the world has told us how we needed to act, dress, and what our place was; the unfortunate truth is that quite often the “place” where women belonged in society’s eye, is a peg below men. I think the biggest change that would benefit women is to take away this societal view so that the things women accomplish aren’t shrouded in the shadow of men.

Now I know a lot of people will read this and think I mean, “yeah, women should be held higher than men!” that’s not at all what I mean. We should be held on the same level as men, no one should shroud the other by their accomplishments at all. Why, you may be asking should we be held to the same as men, because this mentality shows women that we have competition and not only is that competition men but its also other women. This mentality is so toxic, especially to other women.

Since this mentality is something that ‘sells’ the media and the entertainment industry have greatly used it to their gain. If we were to band together and stop this toxic mentality, we could make great change! That being said, what I would change is the mentality of society to where women are equal. Where it wouldn’t be something we have to fight for day after day.

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