Recently, we asked female entrepreneurs the following question:
As a woman, if you could share anything about yourself that makes you different from any other woman, what would you share?
Today this question was answered by writer, Michelle Bollom of Restored Ministries
I love to see people flourish and succeed. I firmly believe that God’s great big playground is big enough for us all. I am a natural born encourager and believe that a encouraging word is just like virtual sunshine to our souls.
How many times have we read someone’s story and felt an instant kinship or connection?
It’s because we are designed for connection – not competition.
If we all would collaborate more instead of competing with one another the World would be filled with an unstoppable force that could radically change our World.
We are always better together!
I want to see people succeed and make their dreams a reality.
I love encouraging people that they too can start a blog, a ministry, write a book … it doesn’t matter what it is.
We all have a unique gift that others need.
Each of our gifts when used together is like the most beautiful harmony you will ever hear or a mosaic masterpiece so magnificent to see.
Share your knowledge to help someone else. Share your story to connect with others.
Women With Gifts MB
That’s what we were created to do!
To use your gifts and share your gifts.

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