The Halfway Point: A Mid-Life Perspective
If I’m lucky, I’m only halfway through my life. And, like I said, that’s if I’m lucky. I turned 45 in August. If I’m lucky and live to be 90, then I’m halfway through my life. Of course, I could be much more than halfway through my life, and there is no way of knowing that. Either way, turning 45 has made me extremely introspective about where I am in life. Really, it has made me introspective about where I “should” be in life, and I’ve become pretty disappointed when looking at where I actually am as to where I could be. I get upset with myself because had I made different decisions at points x, y, and z, which would have led to a better place now.
Growing up, I would always see the dad on TV buying the red convertible as he went through his “mid-life crisis.” I used to think that was some fabricated thing. I can say that since August I definitely understand what that means. While I don’t feel the need to have the wind whipping through my hair as I cruise down the road in my convertible, I am starting to panic that time is running out for me to have the life that I envisioned. I feel disappointed in myself.
At least I have been able to channel some of this worry into a positive thing: turning 45 definitely got me to take my blogging more seriously, because I feel like I can make a wider impact in the educational community by blogging. I would have hoped that turning 45 would propel me to become healthier. In fact, if I don’t become healthier, chances are I am at more than a halfway point in my life!
As I see it at this point, I have two choices. I can let this feeling of self-defeat carry on, or I can use this moment as a defining one. I can look at where I am, figure out where I want to be, and make a plan to get there. I know that turning 45 drove me to blogging more seriously, which is awesome! Now I need to take this feeling of urgency and apply it to other aspects of my life: my health, my finances, and traveling, to name a few. It all became very real at at 45. Now I need to keep that momentum going and make the next (however many) years ones of which I am proud!
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