Women With Gifts Intl. recently received the Sunshine Blogger Award! Funny thing is we may have been nominated for these type of awards in the past but didn’t know what they meant. Today, however we wanted to take a moment and let it soak in that our friends at NChanting Whispers nominated us for such a prestigious award.

So for those of you that’s wondering, “What is The Sunshine Blogger Award?” According to Aiming to Stress Less, the Sunshine Blogging Award is peer recognition for bloggers that inspire positivity and joy.

So here are the questions we were asked by NChanting:

As we answer these questions, we want you to know that our questions are being answered by LaNette the founder of Women With Gifts.

1) If not blogging then what is your way of artistic expression?

Talking, talking and more talking. I love to talk. I even think I talk in my sleep. When I’m not writing or talking, I’m singing.

2) What’s the part of the blogging work you feel is very complicated to master? About 5 years ago due to an unexplained illness, I lost part of my memory and had to RE-Learn how to read and write. So sometimes my insecurities get in the way of what I want to put down on paper. So for me I think the answer is writing. I struggle to write.

3) List 3 bloggers you would love to recommend to me and my readers?

I personally love each and every blogger that I’ve ever come across and Lord only knows that it’s super hard to just come up with just three. Please visit our website to read about some of the most amazing bloggers that I’ve met in a very very long time.

4) Your favorite city in the world and why?

I love San Diego, California it’s gives me a sense of being carefree and wild. It’s my type of place.

5) Everyone connects with music, name one song that you can listen to and won’t get bored?

Honestly, this may sound stupid. I’m a military mom and I was so hurt when my son went off to the Army. I felt he was too young and I had heard so many horror stories about the military and I didn’t want my first born and only son to go to the military. So I wrote a song called, “Dear Jesus” and I will forever love that song because one I wrote it and two because I know the meaning behind it. People don’t really have the opportunity to know the background behind why people write songs. So this song means a lot to me.

6) What the difference between how you started blogging and how much you have achieved with your blog now?

Some people don’t know this but our organization actually started as a blog and just like other start up blogs and business we really didn’t have a game plan. We knew want we wanted but really didn’t know how to get there. From then to know we are incorporating everything that we ever wanted into one. Helping women who need help and shining a light on the women that are doing great things that people may not have ever noticed.

7) Suppose you have to Rename the term blogger, what it will be?

If I was to rename the word blogger, they would become a GLITZER {coined here first-LOL}. A glitzer is a person with glam, a fixer-because believe it or not we are able to shape things just based on our writing. Pretty much like a fairy with glitter. Cute huh?

8) If you got a chance to play any character from Netflix originals, what it would be

I think would be a good “Dumplin”. Dumplin is a movie about the curvy girl that enrolled to be in a beauty pageant. By the way, that character and I graduated from the same college. Go Texas Wesleyan University!

9) Name the color that defines you? Purple/Pink and Glitter and anything polka dots. Which I know polka dots are not a color but just the same. LOL!

10) Share one of favorite blog post of yours and why you think it is the best?

Here’s one of my favorite post shared on our website and it’s my mine per say but it was written by

“Huda” Blushes and Butterflies

I liked this post because Huda talks about how things were before Sept 11 and then the dreadful reality of after 9-11. When I read this post I started to cry because I could relate to her truth that she shared in this story. I could relate because in some type of shape, form or fashion. I have always been bullied. In school I was bullied because we were poor, then when I became of age and started working, I was bullied based on my skin tone and if it wasn’t for my skin tone, I was bullied for maybe the cars that I drove or the side of town that I lived in it was always something. Then in the workplace I was bullied for being a woman. Sadly, not always by men. Some if not most of the people that have bullied me have been women.

My favor post written by me is the following: Inspiration| For All of the Little Girls Watching

Which lead me to start the organization for women to teach, reach and empower!

11) list three things that top on your bucket list?

I wanted to have a women’s retreat.

Continue with my education and bungee jump or sky dive.

I’ve always wanted  to open a club safe for women.

As you know we are all about giving and passing the tourch so here are the people we nominated for this award. It’s our hope that our nominees will continue to spread the inspiration to other bloggers/writers: 

My Everyday Challenges
A Million Ways to Learn
Holly’s Bird Nest
Northern Bell of the South
Teresa’s Joyful Blog~Award Accepted
My Simple Mind
Virtual Siyahi ~Award Accepted
Boozy Housewife
Ai Love Music~Award Accepted
Asphodel Moon~Award Accepted
Failure to Thrive No More

sunshine blogger award

Now that I got that out of the way here’s my questions to my nominees:
1) What do you feel makes you different from any other writer
2)What inspires your writing
3Besides gender,what do you feel is the difference between male and female writers?
4)What makes you and your writing unique
5)How do you express yourself through your writing or your blog?
6)Name a female author that inspires you
7)Name your favorite female artist
8) As a writing what is one thing that you feel you lack
9)If you make any changes to make women’s lives better what would it be
10)Why do you think women have the rumor of having a hard time getting along?
11) If you could create a writing category that doesn’t exist what would it be?

Here are the rules for the bloggers that we nominated:

Rules :

  1. Once nominated you must like and RT the blogger who nominated you and read their post and answers.
  2. Like and retweet the post and follow their blog.
  3. Then it’s time to write your own post and answer the questions you have been given.
  4. Choose 11 bloggers to nominate and create 11 questions for them to answer .


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