Letting disappointments change your overall mindset is easy to let happen. When things are going in every direction except the direction you want, you probably feel like giving up. Keep in mind that challenges and obstacles are temporary, and with a positive mindset, giving up won’t be an option for you. Even if your choices are limited, your choices regarding your attitude are not.

A positive mindset makes you happier, more resilient, and improves your relationships. The decisions you make with a positive mindset are clearer and increases your success in any endeavor or challenge you face. Studies have shown that people with a positive mindset live longer than those with a negative mindset.

If you want to be a high-achiever, your only option is to eliminate negative thinking. You’re only as successful as the effort you put into making positive changes.

You can achieve a changed mindset in as little as 21 days. As you read on, you’ll see that all the tools you need are in the palm of your hand.

Commit to making these changes for 21 days:

  1. Confront your disappointments. Avoid sweeping disappointments under the rug, even if you’d rather not face them. When you ignore them, the feelings that come along with being disappointed continue to linger.
  • You owe it to yourself to free your mind. Latching on to disappointments holds you back from pursuing other opportunities.
  • Look at each challenge as a stepping stone to becoming more successful later on.
  1. Stop Expecting Life to Be Easy. We all know that life gets tough sometimes, for everyone, it can even be painful. Inside, you are brave and resourceful, and you can take it. Whining about everything is not favorable for a positive mindset. When you complain, you are saying negative things about people, places, or subjects, with offering a solution.

Know that when things aren’t easy, and yes there will be plenty of times, you need to adopt the mindset that you have what it takes to deal with anything life throws at you. Going forward, instead of complaining, do the following

  • Remove yourself from the situation.
  • Alter your point of view about the situation.
  • Offer a possible solution.
  • Accept that there’s nothing you can do to change the situation and that complaining about it just energizes the negativity.
  • Stop complaining. Instead, start looking for solutions or accept what cannot be changed.
  1. Stop demanding that things be handed to you. Your attitude at all times should be the following:
  • It is solely up to me to achieve the things I want.
  • Good things come to those who work hard.
  • I adapt to change easily and quickly.
  • I keep going even when things get tough.


  1. Alter your reactions to life’s frustrations. Face it, we are constantly surrounded by life’s frustrations. When we feel weighted down by frustrating events, we start to notice and get frustrated by smaller minor things. It’s like a snowball effect. When you alter your reaction to the frustrations that life presents you, they won’t have such a strong hold over you. I always ask myself when faced with a frustrating situation “Will this have any effect on me in the long run?” Stop wasting your energy getting upset about things that have make no difference in the long run.


  1. Reflect on your achievements. Spend a moment each day making note of your achievements. Even include the smallest ones you can think of. Remember that the greatest architectural structures are built with the smallest pieces of stone.
  • When you stop to think about it, you realize how many little things cause you to smile each day. Those small accomplishments mean a lot, even if the impact doesn’t seem far-reaching at the time.
  • Avoid allowing disappointments to diminish the joy of your achievements. You deserve every good thing in life. Remind yourself of that every day.
  1. Center yourself spiritually. Spiritual balance is important to ensuring inner peace. This leads to a positive mindset which leads to positive living. When you’re at ease with what’s happening in your life, it’s difficult for disappointments to take control of you.
  • Spiritual peace is the glue that holds this unpredictable world together. It’s what allows you to be more accepting of situations at the end of each day.
  • Take time each day to connect with your inner self. Pay attention to the emotions. Allow yourself to achieve emotional healing.
  1. Surround yourself with positivity. Positive influences help to build your new mindset. Make a special effort each day to see and converse with people who bring only the best to your encounter.
  • Having your family and friends around can remind you of how beautiful life can be. Their support can make a world of difference in your life.

I challenge you to make these adjustments to your day, every day, for 21 days. They say it takes 21 days for habits to form, whether good or bad. Your aim is to form positive habits and use them to build a positive mindset and a happy life.

On day 22, you’ll realize how much joy you encountered doing everything you practiced for the last 21 days. You’ll find yourself wanting to implement your new standards of positive living. And that’s when you know that you’ve created a positive thinker with all the promise in the world! It All Starts with You!

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